Do The Domains Really Have Links Already In Place From Quality Sources?

Yes. All our domains have links in place from high quality sources such as CNN.com, Forbes.com, The  New York Times, WikiPedia, MTV, TheGuardian.com and much more!

How Do You Find These Domains?

Sorry, that’s a closely guarded secret! :0) Let’s just say, a lot of hard work and effort goes into sourcing domains of this quality.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Domains?

Once you place an order your domains will be pushed to your Name Cheap account within 24 hours.

Are These High PR Domains?

Nobody looks at PR anymore. Page Rank is an outdated algorithm in SEO as it was updated long time ago. We don’t check PR of these domains as most of them don’t have any PR. But they all have at least one powerful backlink from some of the Internet’s top authority websites.

Do I have To Have A Name Cheap Account To Buy Domains From Magic Domains?

Yes. Pushing domains to various registrars can become complex and time consuming, especially with authorisation codes etc. We only insist on using one register (Name Cheap) as it simplifies the migration process and allows us more time to find more awesome domains!

If you absolutely need them pushing to another Registrar contact us and we will see what we can do.

Why Are The Domains So Affordable?

We have spent months developing system creating a very slick and efficient system to source these high quality domains for you, which allows us to keep our prices affordable. Some sites charge in excess of $2,000 for domains of this quality – We can bring them to you for as little as $19!

How Quickly Can I See Results From Using These Domains?

We have tried and tested our domains on our own projects and the results have been nothing short of outstanding. We took a live website with just a handful of low quality existing backlinks in place. We built a small 5 site PBN network, 5 pages each with relevant content to the money site and built diverse anchor text backlinks back to the money site, not targeting our main money keyword. We saw movement on long tail phrases after 10 days and, surprisingly we hit page 7 for our main keyword! Not bad for just using 5 domains!

Goes to show the power Tier 2 links have. See here for more on this case study and many more.

Does Magic Domains Own All The Domains In The Shop?

No. Some we do own and some we just know the location of, so some you will have to pay the registration fee for on top of our price. Don’t worry though, we have adjusted our main prices for these particular domains with that in mind.

How do I know which ones you own?

You won’t unfortunately until you come to check out. Our system will tell you which ones we own and that will be pushed to your Name Cheap account and it will also list the ones you can go and register yourself.

Can I 301 Redirect My Domains To My Money Site?

Yes. If you want to pass this link juice straight through to your site you can simply 301 redirect the domains straight through. Enough of these and your site will begin to rank without any other work!

Why Do You Not Show Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domains Authority, Page Authority etc?

We don’t show these metrics as the data on these for Expired Domains tends to be lower until they are bought back to life. Once you have rebuilt the domain, placed content on it and got it re-indexed the TF, CF and other metrics tend to restore to what they were before.

What Else Can I Do With My Domains?

Other ideas would be to re-build the domains from Archive.org. So taking the domain back to its former glory with exact pages and content will give you more brownie points in terms of rankings or you can turn the domain into a money site.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We only accept PayPal at this time, but will be rolling out credit/debit card and Stripe in the near future. If you need another type of payment method other than Paypal at this time please contact us.

Can You Help Me Build A Network?

Yes. We have built thousands of sites and networks in various niches, in fact, there isn’t much we don’t know about this sector! We have the skills and expertise to design, build and maintain and quality network with de-indexing guarantees. Contact Us and we can give you a quote.

If I Am Not Happy With My Domains Can I Get A Refund?

If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase let us know the reasons why and we will be happy to provide you a refund, provided you have not built any links to the domain.

How Do I Get A Discount On A Bulk Order?

We have a discount system already available for bulk orders.

Domains                              Discount

1-10 Domains                     As Priced

11-20 Domains                  15% Discount

21-30 Domains                  25% Discount

30+ Domains                      35% Discount

Please note: Discounts are automatically applied depending on the amount of domains in your shopping cart.

How Can I Become An Affiliate For Magic Domains?

We are currently working on an affiliate program and will release more information very shortly. Contact Us if you are interested and we will make sure you are one of the first to know.